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Welcome to the web site of Carl Pearson.

This web site provides information about three Quests. Each of these Quests is in some way about personal and professional development.

The topics are inter-related and each in some way is an expression of something that I have found to be useful in life. Personal development, mind and body work, and charity and commitment. I hope that some of this may be of interest to others, although I guess that people who are interested in one bit may have no interest whatsoever in other parts of the site.

The site has expanded and changed quite a bit since I first set it up in 2007. In the latest version of the site I have revised and updated the section of the site about Lee Style Tai Chi. This is the most used part of the site and the part on which I get most user feedback. I have also added some more thoughts on Stephen Gilligan’s Self Relations work. I continue to find his approach to generative personal development very rewarding and his work is very much at the heart of my own approach. I have made some minor changes to fix or remove links that no longer work.

I hope you find something of interest.

Carl Pearson, 27th May 2016

Personal Development, Coaching and Self Relations Psychotherapy

Here you will find some sources and resources for personal and professional development

Lee Style Tai Chi:

History and Resources

This part of the site has been revised and updated to take into account the knowledge I have gleaned since I last edited the site. In particular Andrew Durham’s helpful You Tube Postings

Mountain Quest: Original site set up for the Charitable Quest I undertook in 2006

A record of the Quest - These are still great causes feel free to donate directly.

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