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 I also met a number of people who had trained with him. This included two Americans who had apparently come over to England just to study with Chee Soo one summer. They were effusive in their praise for Chee Soo and his abilities. When, some years later, I decided I wanted to learn T’ai Chi it was therefore natural that I looked for a Lee Style T’ai Chi class.

I started to learn T’ai Chi in Coventry in 1993. My teacher from 1994 until 2005 was Mike Stanley. Mike trained with Chee Soo and became an instructor under his guidance remaining with Chee Soo’s association until Chee Soo died in 1994.

I am now a member of and instructor for Howard Gibbon’s East West Taoist Arts Association.

The view, speculations and opinions expressed on this site are mine and I must make clear do not represent the views of Howard or the Association to which I belong. This is very much a personal reflection on the history and practice of Lee Style T’ai Chi.

For me T’ai Chi is very much a health art and meditative practice. I see the main benefits of T’ai Chi as to:

T’ai Chi, as taught in the Lee Style, is very much a journey of self discovery through practice. This is in keeping with its Taoist origins as a way of approaching life and everything that you encounter along your journey. It is also a great privilege to work with others who are on their own journey and are learning and using these arts to help them along the way

How I came to learn Lee Style T’ai Chi

I became interested in learning T’ai Chi after having some treatment with a form of therapeutic bodywork called Polarity Therapy. Polarity is a  bodywork system that utilises the meridians and acupressure points of Chinese medicine. As my treatment progressed I became aware that I could sense the subtle energy flows that were happening in my body. This increased my curiosity about energy work and led me to decide to try T’ai Chi.

I had come across Lee Style T’ai Chi in Coventry during the 1980’s. At that time Chee Soo, who was the person who popularised the Lee Style, was living and teaching in Coventry. Although I never met or trained with him during that period I did see him teach at Alderman Callow school.