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Lee Style Tai Chi and Feng Sau Connections

The links below show some of the connections that can be made to a number of martial arts traditions through senior students who went on to set up their own clubs and organisations. Some still base at least part of their teaching on Chee Soo’s style others now teach other styles.

One of the clearest links to Chee Soo was Peter Stevens in Perth Australia. A senior student when he moved to Australia in 1971 he kept up his practice and has spread the practice of the arts there. He apparently met up with Chee Soo again in 1987 when Chee Soo paid a visit to Australia. Although his site is no longer running there is still Lee Style being offered in Perth.

Another link is through Derek Williams a very senior student who with a number of others left to set up their own association in Wales in 1979. Through this route the Fung Yang Sau Kung Fu Association still teach traditional Lee Style Feng Shou to the high standards laid down by Chee Soo in the 1970’s. Daryl Cross, a superb martial artist, Derek Williams leading student, is now the Chief Instructor in this Association. He has a web site that describes what they teach.

Another former student who has acknowledged his debt to Chee Soo is Mike Symonds who went on to form his own organisation teaching something called T’ien Ti Tao. Mike tells how he was personally invited to train with Chee Soo, although Chee Soo knew his ambition was to set up his own style of teaching. He has written up some of his own experiences of learning with Chee Soo and these can be found on the web. He has a web site:

There is an interesting piece on the web about Chee Soo from a former student called Patrick Kelly. He appears to have trained with Chee Soo only for a short time but relates a startling account of Chee Soo’s apparent capabilities. This can be read at Seahorsearts:


There are a couple of other links to former students. One to Rupert Shonaike:

Another link is to John Solagbade, who is now a Chen Stylist. Interestingly he says he trained with Chee between 1976 and 1980 and refers to Chee’s style as a “wu” style. He can be found at:

I suspect there are a number of other links to individuals who trained with Chee Soo, although as time passes these people are also coming to the end of their own time as instructors.

Another of Chee Soo’s senior students who set up their own Association in the 1980’s was Jack Harford, he gets a mention in Chee Soo’s 1983 Fung Shou book. This Association took the name Nei Chia, which means internal family, a reference to the Lee style being from a family heritage. I can find no credible reference to the continued existence of this group , but I have found three people, at least two teachers, who trace their lineage to this group and who are active teaching Lee Style T’ai Chi. The group appears to have been strong in Northamptonshire and East Anglia.