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My own interest in this field is as a leader, manager, trainer, group worker and coach. In my professional work as a practitioner in the field of regeneration I work with individuals, communities, businesses and developers. Through this work I am interested in how people can develop and improve their own lives, by engaging in the process of helping shape change, in the community in which they live. The following pages give my views on some of the approaches I have come across and used successfully.

Lou Tice and the Pacific Institute: The Pacific Institute provide the Investment in Excellence Seminar Programme. This remains a worthwhile introduction to personal development work.

Group Process Work: Developing his work from Jungian psychology Arnold Mindell has developed an original and challenging view of the world in which we live and what makes it work.

Self Relations Work:This approach is Stephen Gilligan’s development of his own style of working going beyond his work as a major student an inheritor of Milton Erickson’s tradition of informal hypnosis and trance work.

History of Self Relations Work: My own account of how this approach evolved from the original prototype model.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP): If you work in management or sales the odds are that at some point you will attend and NLP Training, although many NLP trainings don’t mention that what you are being taught is NLP. If you use it wisely NLP provides a useful and powerful toolset. On the other hand NLP is not always taught in the full context of what it can, and cannot do.

Resources: The final page in this section suggests some useful introductory reading.


The Personal Web Site of Carl Pearson

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