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The Personal Web Site of Carl Pearson

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In this section you will find pages on:

My Story: How I came to learn and teach T’ai Chi

Brief history: Chee Soo and Lee Style T’ai chi

1993 Form Examples: The Videos and Notes from Andrew Durham on You Tube

Comparisons: A very rough comparison between the content of Lee Style and the Wu and Yang styles

FAQ’s: Some Frequently Asked Questions

More FAQ’s: Some Other Questions

Forgotten History: A Bit on groups that trace their lineage to Lee Style

Forgotten History Contacts: Outposts of Lee Style on the Web

Resources: Where to get support with learning Lee Style

Future: Thoughts on how Lee Style will continue to evolve

I have updated and revised this whole section of the site. It is still quite long but some of the review and resource material is now not so relevant and I have removed it. As I have now joined one the Lee Style Associations I have tried to refrain from commenting on the others. In my experience people chose teachers who suit them and no doubt this is reflected in both the differing characters of the main teachers, their students and the way their associations operate.