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The Story of the Quest

Mountains have long been recognized as places of retreat, solace and healing. This quest began as I sought to come to terms with the death of my wife Linda in a road accident in 1990. I had already grown to love the Lake District and it was natural that as I began to put my own life back together that I would seek refuge and healing in these familiar lakes and mountains. I had a book, Fellwalking with Wainwright, first with friends, and later on my own, I set a goal to walk all 18 of these walks.

As I completed this goal I came across a little book by Paul Hannon, Over Lakeland Mountains, this listed all of the recognized independent peaks over 2000 ft in the Lake District area. Again I started to include many of the less well known peaks on my schedule.

As time moved on my life found a new sense of purpose and direction. Walking had to be fitted in around family commitments to Eileen, Marc and Eoin. The idea of visiting all 71 peaks had emerged as a goal but the likelihood of achieving it seemed to be receding into the distance. However, I kept walking and by March 2006 there were only six more peaks to go.

Completing the Quest

Between March and June 2006 I climbed the final six fells to complete my quest. My goal was to undertake the final walk, Kirk Fell, on June 8th, the anniversary of Linda and James deaths. The original site included details of my walks for those who wanted to check on my progress. I also included some of my own thoughts on walking and staying in the Lake District as well as a full list of the peaks, the dates I climbed them, my sponsors and an account of the final walk.

Thanks to the generosity of my sponsors I  raised £2,896. Working with Brake I also did some work with radio and television to raise awareness of the issue of road safety and bring this to the attention of more people.

The new version of the site omits most of the original material but contains some of the photos and of course it retains the contact details for both Brake and Myton Hospice for anyone who comes across the story and wants to make a donation.

Please browse, enjoy and continue to donate.

Thank You

Carl Pearson

5th October 2007 - Revised 1st May 2014