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Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, Susan Jeffers, Great little book for developing esteem has helped many people take greater control of their own lives.

Psycho-Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz, Maltz work on self image influenced Lou Tice and NLP although you won’t hear him acknowledged much these days. Largely of historical interest now. (Reading older books out of their historic context can help realising how much of what we are presented with now is fashionable hype).

Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill, Grandfather of all the prosperity consciousness books. The Secret is not new, perhaps the real secret is the attachment and dependence on cash for happiness that following this path presupposes is a good thing.

How we choose to be happy, Rick Foster & Greg Hicks, An excellent and very practical book. It is not that well known and deserves to be more widely read and used.

NLP Books

(You cannot learn how to practice NLP effectively just using books and CD’s, proper training under supervision is essential)

Introducing NLP, Joseph O’Connor & John Seymour, Early and excellent introduction from two of  the best NLP practitioners based in the UK.

The Way of NLP, Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott, A shorter and very clear introduction to the principles of NLP.

The Origins of NLP Edited by John Grinder & Frank Pucelik, Interesting and insightful account of the early history of NLP. Amonst other things illustrates some of the continuing rivalries and tensions. A gap here for someone to develop the ego overcoming pattern which would clearly have a wide application.

Self Relations Work

The Courage to Love, Stephen Gilligan, This is the classic account of the self relations approach. It is not a populist book and requires the reader to engage both intellectually and with reference to their own knowledge and experience. It provides much food for thought for those that stick with it. Here is Gilligan the mischievous genius sharing his skills and perspectives for those who have the ears to listen. Also try his later books, particularly Generative Trance, which takes the work to a new level.

When things fall apart, Pema Chödrön, I could have chosen any of her books. This very accessible Buddhist writer describes so well the skill of unconditional love and compassion and the practice of Tonglen which Stephen sometimes adapts to use in his workshops.

More Wonderful Books

Anam Cara, Spiritual wisdom from the Celtic world, John O’Donogue, I discovered this book following the authors death. A great writer and poet in the Celtic tradition who has left us some wonderful writing.

The Turning Point, Fritjof Capra, originally written back in 1982 this book still contains the seeds of the intellectual and social evolution that we are living through. His later work takes these ideas further. The spirit of the adventure; of human potential, of Esalen, resonates here.